Welcome to Ouweland Turkish language courses!

We offer Turkisch education since 1994, both in private lessons, as well as in groups. There is a variaty of options; you can participate in a (Dutch speaking) group course or take private (English) lessons, at business, intensive or moderate level. Beeing a Dutchman, I have gone trough the learning prosess myself and am therefore fully aware of the difficulties of the Turkish language for us, Indo-European speakers, and this experience has helped me to understand and help my students in a better way, throughout my past 27 years of practice.

I have written and developped my own teaching material in Dutch, with which I am still very content, having used it now for over a decade, while still improving and expanding it on a regular basis. I'm proud to say it offers a challenge for beginners and advanced students alike. For English students I own a variety of English-language manuals and referenceworks with which I can help you master this beautiful language.

Choosing to take part in a small group will work out better for some, as they will benefit from the contributions and questions of their fellow students. It's also a great way to meet people with simmilar interests.

If you want to follow private language course, it will be you yourself who has to indicate and define your own goals. Before starting we will draw up a plan that fits your needs and targets, and then we will start to work with this personal plan. The frequency and duration of the lessons depend entirely on the set target and your personal aspirations. Both of these issues will be adressed with you before starting.

The objective of the course is learning to communicate in Turkish at the level you want to achieve. However, Turkish is not a simple langauge to learn, so you will have to study grammar and keep committed to praticing the things you have learned.

All courses are currently held online, via Zoom or Skype.

If you have become interrested, please contact me by email or telephone;


For available group lessons: please refer to the schedule under the tab ‘group courses’ .